Dynatrace Expanding Davis to Deliver the Observability and Security Industry’s First Hypermodal Artificial Intelligence, Converging Predictive, Causal, and Generative AI

The industry’s leading AI to boost productivity across teams with automatic, customer-specific recommendations for business, development, security, and operational tasks

WALTHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Dynatrace (NYSE: DT), the leader in unified observability and security, today announced it is expanding its Davis® AI engine to create the industry’s first hypermodal artificial intelligence (AI), converging fact-based, predictive- and causal-AI insights with new generative-AI capabilities. The expanded Davis AI will boost productivity across business, development, security, and operations teams by delivering generative-AI recommendations fueled by precise context from predictive- and causal-AI techniques that reflect the unique attributes of each organization’s hybrid and multicloud ecosystem. It will also simplify and accelerate tasks, such as creating automations and dashboards, to enable people to focus on higher-value activities for faster, better, and more secure innovation.

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(Graphic: Business Wire)

(Graphic: Business Wire)

Artificial intelligence is transforming business. Generative AI has the potential to boost productivity across all functions. As it is probabilistic by nature, its value depends on the quality of its training data and user prompts. Because of this, the power of generative AI can be greatly amplified by converging it with predictive and causal intelligence to create a single, hypermodal AI with each type of AI within it excelling in specific capabilities:

  1. Forecasting – using predictive AI models to recommend future actions based on data from the past, including sales and customer experience trends, seasonality, cloud application health, and other historical behaviors.
  2. Determining – using causal AI to deliver fact-based, deterministic, and precise answers and intelligent automation based on analyzing dependencies across large sets of observability, security, and business data while retaining an accurate context that reflects each data point’s source.
  3. Creating – using generative AI to recommend how to solve specific tasks in the context of the customer’s environment and situation.

Dynatrace Davis AI uniquely provides these capabilities.

  • Davis predictive-AI models and dynamic machine learning anticipate future behavior based on past data and observed patterns. This capability allows customers to anticipate and remediate future needs and issues related to the performance and security of their software.
  • Davis causal AI analyzes real-time and context-rich observability, security, and business data within the Grail™ data lakehouse and causal dependencies from Smartscape® topology to provide the precise answers and intelligent automation that are necessary for issue prevention, deterministic root-cause analysis, and automated risk remediation.
  • Davis CoPilot™ generative AI works with Dynatrace® predictive and causal AI to automatically provide recommendations, create suggested workflows and dashboards, or let people use natural language to explore, solve, and complete tasks.

“Generative AI is already proving to be useful in broadening the accessibility of operations insights to new personas and speeding workflows for users of observability solutions,” said Nancy Gohring, IDC Research Director for Enterprise System Management, Observability and AIOps. “However, when combined with other forms of AI, generative AI has the potential for additional notable impact. For instance, leveraging other forms of AI to feed generative AI with more than just user inputs can deliver more value for customers and help maximize the value of generative AI for business, development, security, and operations use cases.”

“Generative AI is a transformative technology with seemingly limitless possibilities for delivering productivity gains,” said Bernd Greifeneder, CTO at Dynatrace. “As organizations look to tap into this potential, the key to success is hypermodal AI that combines generative AI with powerful predictive- and causal-AI techniques. This is because only predictive AI can see into the future reliably, only causal AI can deterministically know the root cause of an issue, and only generative AI can tailor recommendations and solutions to specific problems using advanced probabilistic algorithms. With the release of the expanded Davis AI, we address this need and redefine how observability and security solutions work. We expect Davis AI will enable our customers to achieve substantial productivity gains year-over-year as they drive transformation initiatives related to observability and security.”

Dynatrace Davis AI has fundamentally changed how many of the world’s leading organizations deliver and run their most complex and critical software solutions. Here is what a few of these customers have to say:

  • “Dynatrace Davis AI gives our team the confidence to pursue innovation and automation more aggressively and roll out changes to critical applications faster, without increased risk. We can now quickly assess the impact of updates and new features and resolve issues before users are ever impacted.” Kailey Smith, Application Architect, State of Minnesota IT Services
  • “Dynatrace Davis AI enables us to proactively reach out and rectify issues for our customers before they’ve even realized they’ve had a problem, which has created a phenomenal impact on customer retention. Ultimately, Dynatrace helps us to improve customer loyalty and protect the bottom line of our business.” David Priestly, Chief Digital Officer, Vitality
  • “Dynatrace’s AI capabilities have given our digital teams the confidence to try new things, knowing they can quickly assess the business impact of their changes and resolve any issues instead of spending days or weeks trying to understand the outcomes of their efforts.” Ken Schirrmacher, Chief Technology Officer at Park ‘N Fly
  • “Traditional machine learning models predict the future based on historical data, which doesn’t always reflect what is happening in real time. Dynatrace Davis AI, however, looks at current data and makes predictions based on holistic information. This helps us anticipate situations and proactively address issues before they impact our end-users.” Steve Bowerman, Principal Software Engineer, EDF
  • “While many companies are just beginning to understand the potential of AI, Dynatrace has already incorporated AI in its platform for more than a decade. Every day and all day, our teams use Dynatrace causal AI to manage and optimize our clouds, reduce manual work, and accelerate transformation.” Alex Hibbitt, Engineering Director, SRE and Fulfillment, albelli-Photobox Group
  • “Dynatrace’s extensive AI and automation mean we can now have a ticket raised that points to the exact cause of the issue and get it to the person who needs to resolve it within milliseconds. We’ve even been able to create automated workflows to enable our applications to self-heal with a limited need for human intervention. With the ultimate goal of guaranteeing and improving the reliability and security of our critical airport services, these automations have enhanced our IT operational efficiency by reducing the need to triage problems and scan for vulnerabilities manually.” Pietro Caminiti, Chief Information and Technology Officer, Aeroporti di Roma

Davis predictive and causal AI are available now for all customers, while the expansion to include Davis CoPilot will be available later in 2023 and accessible to all customers as a core technology within the Dynatrace platform. Visit our website and blog for additional information.

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