Matthias Scharer

Matthias Scharer, SVP, Business Operations

Matthias joined Dynatrace in 2014 as a General Manager to help to bring the new Dynatrace Platform under development to market. In 2016, Matthias shifted to go-to market with the focus on how the new Enterprise Platform would be co-deployed with Dynatrace’s existing product set. As the Dynatrace Platform got into exponential growth throughout 2017, he took on the task of SaaSifying the post sales operations which covers today all aspects of cloud operations, customer adoption, retention, growth and tech support. With the launch of the innovative Dynatrace ONE customer experience offering, he drives an important differentiator for Dynatrace in the industry. Matthias holds a Master’s Degree in Business from the University of Linz and worked the last 20 years in various Sales Management and General Management roles, prior to leading a team of amazing people at Dynatrace. A dedicated father of two girls, Matthias has been known to dive with whale sharks in the waters around Thailand.